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Zhejiang Natural Construction Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001. The company is headquartered in Jinyi City New District, Jinhua City, Central Zhejiang Province. The company has a registered capital of 5 million yuan. It currently has 85 registered management personnel and 85 senior, middle and junior management personnel. 150 people, including 3 senior garden engineers and 16 construction engineers. The company now has 150 employees and annual sales income of 150 million. The company is a diversified garden leading enterprise specializing in garden engineering consulting, investment, construction, operation and finance. The company has the first-class national urban landscaping enterprise, the first-class professional contracting of urban and road lighting engineering, and the third-class qualification of general contracting for municipal public works construction. At the same time, the company has more than 300 acres of nursery base in Dachen Town, Yiwu City, planting more than 100 kinds of seedlings with complete specifications.

Zhejiang natural construction co., LTD., a positive innovation on corporate transformation and upgrading, building engineering of radiation in jiangsu and zhejiang area, has built the Jin Yi urban district landscape greening engineering EPC general contracting project target, Jin Yi urban district jinhua city kechuang hatching block phase ii project of science and technology (EPC) + O, yiwu road houzhai high-speed RuChengKou double line in the landscape engineering, ningbo shanhe ridge to tong state highway landscape renovation project, yiwu red coast town, setting up a long-distance outdoor municipal supporting poverty and 37 provincial highway landscape greening projects, yiwu to zhuji section of multiple tracks (yiwu) greening projects, such as a number of key projects. Successively obtains "jinhua city landscaping project safety standardization construction site civilization", "zhejiang province landscaping engineering safety standardization construction site civilization", "zhejiang province building safety civilization construction standard chemical", in 2018, jinhua garden greening projects "ssangyong cup" prize provincial/municipal awards and honors. The company passed the ISO9001, ISO14000, GB/T18001 triad system certification.

Facing new competition in the market situation and the pattern of global economic integration, the future of natural will continue adhering to the "focus on ecological landscape business/wisdom, building a good public environment" of the company mission, with "create industries first-class brand, do first-class enterprise" vision, spirit of "unity, pragmatic, good faith; High quality, efficient, innovation "the core values, vigorously advances the strategy of project operation, capital operation's second, strengthen the enterprise core competitive ability, integrate resources, extends the industrial chain, focusing on industrial park, characteristic town, cultural tourism project construction and operation management, comprehensively promote the company transition from traditional enterprises to modern enterprises, actively cultivate" high quality enterprises "assets, to" brand ", dedicated to for the "wisdom garden" enterprise, improve enterprise core competitiveness.

Companies to adhere to the win-win cooperation for the development of ideas, open and inclusive mind and central state-owned enterprises, listed companies and the industry well-known enterprises in various forms cooperation, realize the advantage of the integration of resources and complementary, mutual benefit and seek common development.

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